EU – beam me up!

The interactive 360° Education App


Experience the European union instead of just talking about it. EU – beam me up! ͟Is an unique solution that brings you directly to Brussels, the heart of the European institutions. You get to visit all the central places like the European Parliament and the European Commission and meet the decision makers in person.


Put your iOS or Android Smartphone in a Google Cardboard or use your Virtual Reality headset and immersive yourself interactively in the EU. Virtual Reality is the best way to explain a complex and abstract topic by experiencing it in 360°. The App is the perfect addition for political classes in schools and at EU information points. “EU – beam me up!” conveys empathy for the institutions and its representatives by accompanying a guideline from it’s idea to it’s voting.

The current version of the App starts in the universe and explains to the viewer what Europe is all about. You get beamed directly to brussels and start your interactive journey in your states permanent representation. By answering a couple of questions the viewer learns a lot about the EU institutions and how they correlate.

timmersive is specializeParlamentd in creating immersive and engaging content. If your institution or company is interested in immersive training don’t hesitate to contact us now

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