incomparable VR, AR & 360° experiences

With timmersive you dive into a new world full of unique experiences and possibilities! – As a competent partner for Virtual Reality, short VR, and Augmented Reality, short AR, as well as 360° videos and movies, we know exactly what matters.

timmersive is a studio for immersive media & digital consulting based in Hannover, Germany. We produce various virtual reality applications and videospheres with a focus on entertainment as well as medical and educational use. Together we create innovative, entertaining and educational experiences that generate enthusiasm.

impressive VR experiences

In virtual reality, you can be anything anywhere. Make unique experiences and let yourself be inspired. Because we design your learning experiences as well as entertainment offers and games with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

With immersive 360° degree videos you have the real feeling of being. Immerse yourself and make incomparable experiences. We make 360° film productions from fast and small videos to larger projects possible. You can count on the experienced team of timmersive and a broad network of experts.

immersive entertainment

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as well as 360° videos are the future of entertainment. With the help of high-quality VR glasses or AR glasses with high wearing comfort you dive into a new or expanded world within a few seconds. Thus you have countless possibilities for films, games and simulations, which we create for you.

immersive edutainment

The learning of new contents and concepts is playful and entertaining and much easier. Take advantage of this and rely on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We design individual and effective learning experiences for you, which stay in your head for a long time and quickly solidify through the experiences.

innovation consulting


As experts in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality, we advise you competently and purposefully. With effective strategies and concepts we implement your ideas and wishes with a suitable VR experience. We not only answer any questions you may have, but also train your employees with the help of VR and AR.

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