immersive edutainment

By using Virtual Reality you benefit from the “wow effect”. Because 360° and 3D-generated worlds cast a spell over the audience and won’t let them go. You can use this effect especially in the area of learning, because it has enormous positive effects. Effective and sustainable learning is possible if you are actively involved.

Through experiences, knowledge is more easily conveyed and stays longer in the mind. Therefore we offer you the possibility of individual VR applications for school education as well as vocational training, but also for numerous further education measures. These are based on artificial intelligence and therefore offer countless possibilities.

spielend lernen mit vr-anwendungen

whats behind edutainment?

With the help of artificial intelligence in our VR applications, we make blended learning possible for you. Our gamifications and serious games combine learning with playful experiences. Playful learning is one of the most effective forms of learning. We implement this for you and call it ‘immersive edutainment’.


Convince yourself of effective learning with the help of individual VR applications and experience our timmersive edutainment projects.

ViRtual Water

ViRtual Water is an exciting and unique VR experience. In an instructive and at the same time playful way, you dive into the spheres of virtual water. This describes the indirect and even actual water consumption used in the production of products. For example, 1,000 liters of water are used in the production or extraction of one liter of milk. A single cup of coffee contains a whole 250 liters of water.

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