Impression Depression

Depression as a virtual reality experience

More than four million Germans are affected by depression and about 10,000 people take their own lives every year. Not only because of these shocking numbers, but also because of the many individual fates of countless people, the topic deserves more attention!

The Robert Enke Foundation has been doing incredibly important work in exactly this area for many years. Shortly before the tenth anniversary of the death of the former German national goalkeeper Robert Enke, who saw no way out because of his depressions, the Robert Enke Foundation would like to use a virtual reality experience to awaken understanding and above all to educate those not affected. – We at timmersive had the honor to support and accompany this great project.

An impressive project of the Robert Enke Foundation with great partners

The importance of the project, which was presented under the title “Impression Depression”, was already made clear by the presence of the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn at the official presentation. Together with Teresa Enke, Chairman of the Board of the Robert Enke Foundation, he presented the great project in Berlin at the end of October.

In the course of the Virtual Reality project we worked together with other enthusiastic partners. The main implementer was the agency Creanovo, who contributed their VR know-how as well as our VR colleagues from visionme, with whom the VR-Experience was created.

More understanding through the impressive virtual reality education campaign

The jointly created VR experience should not only make more people more aware of the topic of depression, but should also sensitize them to it and awaken more understanding for those affected. For this purpose, we shot unique 360° images of timmersive in the German national team’s cabin, which we are happy to publish on our website.

These are part of the 6 to 10-minute tour through the psyche of a person suffering from depression. During this tour, even non-affected persons can experience the thoughts and feelings, but also the symptoms and everyday life of a person affected. The project consists of both an introduction and the VR experience itself as well as a subsequent reflection. In the latter, the thoughts are directed back into the positive. Under the guidance of specialists, we thus ensure lasting impressions on the topic of depression!

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