immersive entertainment

immersive entertainment

With Virtual and Augmented Reality you have completely new worlds with incredible possibilities. By using the technology of the future, you can immerse yourself in films and video sequences and experience them instead of just seeing them.

These new worlds also offer countless exciting possibilities for advertising. Let your customers immerse themselves in your brand world and turn your brand into an experience. Turn yourself into a medium and arouse very special emotions. No matter whether advertising films or image films; we produce unique entertainment products.

interactive and emotional bonding

Through exciting 360° films and documentaries, you are (inter)actively in the middle of it, instead of just taking part. Therefore we offer you unforgettable 360° experiences as well as 3D animations. Increase the emotional connection and use the strong effect of Immersion for your company. We call this ‘immersive entertainment’.


Experience the unique timmersive entertainment projects and dive into new worlds, full of exciting possibilities for your company.

Recruiting in VR

Recruiting with 360° Video and VR

With professional and high-quality 360° videos from timmersive, you stand out from your competitors in recruiting. They offer your job seekers an impressive experience which they will always associate with you. – VR for children is the world's first children's portal for secure virtual and augmented reality content. In addition to our own child-friendly formats, we also offer external 360° film producers the opportunity to publish their content for children and young people via our platform.

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