– VR for children is the world’s first children’s portal for secure virtual and augmented reality content. In addition to our own child-friendly formats, we also offer external 360° film producers the opportunity to publish their content for children and young people via our platform. So you can be sure that children only consume selected, immersive content and are in a secure, virtual space that is isolated from other applications. Here you will find videos for fun, learning and relaxation.

Polli is a honey bee and lives with her 20,000 friends of the bee colony in the Tiergarden. She accompanies her visitors in VR through the different videos and contents in which you can beam back and forth. Simply put on the specially adapted VR headset, turn it on and you are virtually in Tiergarden without an extra controller or sensors. Now you can experience 360° videos specially tailored for children to relax on the beach, have action on the roller coaster, see wild animals up close or discover educational stories. Everything without the danger of being able to select foreign content on the Internet or to buy anything by chance. Polli is paying attention! especially offers bedridden children in children’s hospitals the possibility to leave the four walls of the hospital room at least for a moment. The immersion of VR applications and 360° videos from immediately captivate the children. So you quickly have the feeling of being in the jungle, on the roller coaster or under water. The positive effect of on the children is scientifically accompanied by pediatricians from the University Hospital Göttingen. Their use in nursing is also tested. Thus, timmersive and its cooperation partners are constantly developing beem-team further.

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