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Even beyond VR and AR projects timmersive is your reliable partner when it comes to digital media. Especially in the last few years a supposedly old medium is experiencing genuine hype. Podcasts are on everyone’s lips and offer listeners around the world numerous advantages. Just under a quarter of all Germans listened to podcasts regularly in 2019. Both the number of listeners and the number of podcasts continue to rise. In 2019 alone, 10,000 new podcasts were added.

Therefore it is about time for you and your company to start your own podcast. timmersive provides support in the conception and production of your podcast. With expert knowledge from countless projects and practical experience in the podcast sector, we make sure that your company resonates with your target group!

Podcasts offer companies countless opportunities to get in touch with their target group. You can inspire and persuade your listeners with exciting and high-quality content. Retain existing customers and capture new clients with your own company podcast!

Create a close relationship as well as trust and credibility. Thanks to our practical experience from our own “indy 4 Podcast” on industry 4.0, we know exactly what is important for podcast projects. Therefore we provide assistance from the conception to the completed production of your podcast.

About one third of all podcast listeners are interested in the topics education and science. However, this demand is not yet strongly covered. It is estimated that there are only a few dozen podcasts from museums. The reason for this low supply is most likely primarily the lack of personnel. However, the production of a podcast is not really that expensive. Selecting a subject is another major concern for some museums.

With experienced specialists at your side, however, these problems are quickly solved. You determine the effort for your podcast and set the general conditions. Together we will take care of the conception and the final production of your museum podcast.

We attach great importance to exciting topics and the utmost authenticity. But we also guarantee a professional production with an excellent audio quality. Your podcast will be a long-term success for your museum thanks to timmersive!

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