Leadership seminar with VR content – The effective training for C-level employees and department heads

The use of virtual reality content has already proven itself many times in training and further education as well as onboarding, for example in the gastroVR project. Immersive training modules enable a completely new way of learning. For this reason, we have decided to develop a leadership seminar with VR content.

This unique type of training should enable C-level employees as well as department heads to train their communication skills and deepen them in the virtual reality worlds. Thus, high-ranking employees and managers are trained in the best possible way and learn to communicate interactively better.

Support from a personal trainer & management trainer with a doctorate

While timmersiv brings the comprehensive know-how in the field of virtual reality with her, a personal trainer and executive trainer with a doctorate supports our work with the technical seminar contents. With years of theoretical as well as practical experience, very special and effective seminar contents are created.

This combination of experts from two fields is the foundation for a successful cooperation and the development of our VR leadership seminar for C-level employees and department heads. Together, we not only provide high-quality VR content, but also practical and proven communication skills. In this way, we can ensure that participants in the leadership seminar are not only inspired by the VR content, but also develop their professional and personal skills.

Virtual or physical training – thanks to interactive VR technology

Especially in the times of home office and remote work, the organization of leadership seminars is not always easy. But thanks to the many possibilities in the field of virtual reality technology, our leadership seminars can be held remotely without any problems.

For this purpose, all participants receive VR glasses and concrete instructions. Afterwards all participants of the VR leadership seminar meet for effective training in the virtual world and gain unique experiences to improve their communication skills. Of course, our leadership seminars with VR content can also be held together in one place at any time. There are almost no limits to the virtual reality technology.

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